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Sascha  Roesinger

Sascha Roesinger


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Machine Overview




PE 1450 SE




Technical details

Min. format :

700 x 500 mm

Max. format

1450 x 1100 mm

Print output

5.500 cycles/h


One 7 mm hardened die cutting plates (HRC 45)
One die chase with quick locking system
One set of stripping tools including spring loaded stripping pins etc.
State-of-art 3 cam index gripper bar drive system to ensure smooth and precise gripper bar intermittent movement
Triple action movement of the upper and lower stripping frames with lower spring loaded stripping pins
Upper , middle and lower stripping tool drawer can be pulled out for job set up and make ready
Complete set of stripping tools with upper and lower stripping pins
Digital die cutting pressure tonnage display with adjustable pressure limit protection
Motorized upper frame suspending hoister and can be switched on and off electrically
Motorized pressure control
Pneumatic clutch/brake for main drive system
Pneumatic push button die chase locking mechanism to ensure safe and operator friendly changing of the die
Precision worm gear crank toggle driving system to ensure smooth and dynamic lower platen movement
Rear and side joggers with easy position adjustment
Remote control operating panel for jogging the upper frame up and down, easy and safe stripping tool alignment
High quality pre-stretched gripper bar drive chain
Five section brush brake – brake force individually adjustable
Double cam driven gripper opener and front lay swing frame for smooth and accurate sheet register
Automatic delivery with nonstop curtain. This curtain moves into the delivery to catch the arriving sheets during the pile exchange
1 lower drawer chase
1 middle drawer chase
1 upper drawer chase
Air blasting nozzle bar for stretching the thin paper before die cutting
Air blasting nozzle bar for stretching the thin paper before die cutting
Automatic die-cutter with stripping device
Alloy gripper bars with a hard chrome surface made by special process
Side lays on both sides adjustable for push and pull and for paper and carton
Synchronizing device to adjust the sheet positioning to the front lay by hand during production
Suction head with several adjustment possibilities to handle different kind of materials
Sheet slow down device of feeder belts to assure accurate position of the sheet to the front lays (electro-pneumatically adjustable)
Self diagnostic system with indication on a color LCD screen
Radiator cooling for recycling toggle drive lubrication system
Patent turbo spiral air blower pressing foot at feeder head
Gripper bar locking levers can be adjusted by micro adjustment screws
Frontmark control with adjustable density
Four pick up and six forward suck heads with angle adjustment
Four individually adjustable front lays with dial read out at the operation side of the machine
Four electronic front lay controls by means of Omron Glasfiber Optik
Fine air blast at lead edge for smooth thin paper transport
Feed in rollers combined with feed belt system, for better feeding of heavier materials or corrugated board
Ethernet modem for online assistance by problems with electronics
Each gripper bar can be individually shimmed to ensure very accurate and smooth sheet transport in case of uneven chain stretching after years of production
CE standard safety systems for safe operation
Centre line system
Catwalk with safety rail
Bullet catcher on the feeder entrance


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